How to Fix Steam ID Not Found

FiveM is unable to detect the Steam client running on your PC

This is not an issue with FiveM®, you will have to resolve this issue yourself.

Unable to find SteamID, please relaunch FiveM #

Description: Your Steam client is not running

The server you are connecting to requires a Steam ID, but the Steam service is not running on your computer.


  • Unable to find SteamID, please relaunch FiveM® with steam open or restart FiveM® & Steam if steam is already open

  • Steam services may be temporarily unavailable, check the status and try again later

  • The server does not have a properly configured steam_webApiKey value in it's configuration.


  1. For Players:
    • Close all running FiveM® processes
    • Start Steam, and wait for it to start fully
    • Relaunch FiveM, and retry connecting to the server
    • FiveM should be able to read your Steam identifiers properly now

  2. For Server Owners:
    • Ensure that you've set a proper API key in your server.cfg, for thesteam_webApiKey value.
    • For more information, view the official FiveM® guide on setting up a server, and search for "Steam"