How to Fix Missing FiveM® DLLs

Learn how to temporarily disable your anti-virus so FiveM® can run

This is not an issue with FiveM®, you will have to resolve this issue yourself.

Could not load CitizenGame.dll or [name].dll #

Description: An anti-virus has removed or is blocking FiveM® game files, and cannot launch properly

This error happens when an anti-virus client has removed critical FiveM game files, or they have become corrupted.
The FiveM® client is self-repairing, but you must stop any anti-virus applications from removing your game files.


  • Could not load CitizenGame.dll

  • Could not load [name].dll

  • Error loading component [name].dll


  • Temporarily disable your anti-virus software

  • Repair your FiveM® Install
    1. Ensure all FiveM® processes are closed. You can verify this with the Windows® Task Manager
    2. Delete the %localappdata%/FiveM/FiveM Application Data/caches.xml file
    3. Try to launch the FiveM® client again