How to Temporarily Disable Your Anti-Virus

Anti-virus applications may prevent FiveM® from running

This is not an issue with FiveM®, you will have to resolve this issue yourself.

Your anti-virus is preventing FiveM® from running #

Description: Often an anti-virus will detect FiveM® as a false-positive.

FiveM is an open-source project and does not contain malicious code. It often triggers anti-viruses, due to how it initializes GTA V.


  • The FiveM® installer is freezing or closing without notice

  • Your anti-virus is blocking the FiveM® download

  • Your anti-virus is reporting FiveM.exe as a virus

  • FiveM uninstalls itself after installing it

  • Stuck on "We're getting there and it will be worth the wait"

  • Moving of [file].exe failed (err = 32)