How to fix 'DLC Files are missing or corrupted'

How to fix the "DLC files are missing (or corrupted)" error

This is not an issue with FiveM®, you will have to resolve this issue yourself.

DLC files are missing (or corrupted) #

Description: You receive the error "DLC files are missing (or corrupted)"

This error message means that your copy of GTA V® is either out of date, or some of its files are corrupted.


  • DLC files are missing (or corrupted) in your game installation. Please update or verify the game using Steam, Epic Games Launcher or Rockstar Games Launcher and try again.


  • Ensure that your game is update to date using the platform you purchased it with (Rockstar, Steam, Epic Games).

  • If that does not fix the issue, read our guide on how to fix your GTA V files.